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  • 2/3/2013 - Due to various server issues, I have been unable to update this site for a while. Hopefully things are now resolved, and I will endeavour to refresh the site. I have included all the amendments I have received, but if I have missed yours please re-send an email.
  • I will not be putting the Undbadged Results on the site this year.
Welcome to the Essex Bowls Club Directory. This site is intended as a guide for those bowlers that trudge the length and breadth of the county in the various Essex County Bowling Association competitions, or indeed, anyone looking for information on lawn bowls clubs affiliated to the E.C.B.A. in the historic county of Essex.

The E.C.B.A. is divided into eight administrative groups, and each club is assigned to a particular group depending on their location.

Similarly, the clubs in this directory are listed in the ECBA group to which they belong.  For each club there is an address, telephone number at the green, secretary and match secretary's name, adress and phone number, and a map where you can get directions to the club. There is also a link to their web site (where applicable – click on the club’s badge), as well as a list of the club’s achievements in County competitions.

On each group page there is a rough description of the area it covers and a link to a map showing the distribution of clubs in that group, plus a link to the Group's web site, if they have one.

To use the direction finder, click on the MAP link and then on the "map pin" of the club required. Click on "Get Directions" and enter your starting point, preferably your post code. Printable directions will then be displayed in the left hand panel.

The site is only intended as a guide, and any suggestions to improve the site would be welcomed.

 Please send any comments and report any inaccuracies to Dave Smith by following the link below.

And if you have a .gif or .jpeg file of your club or group badge please send them to the same address.

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